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Sunshine Cruz together with her siblings proves that taking care of their body is very much important despite their age!

Nowadays, it has been really hard to juggle career and personal life. Many people would definitely agree with that. That is why a lot of people tend to forget the fact that they should also take care of themselves, most especially their body and their health.

Sunshine Cruz is a 42-year-old actress and singer. She is the part of the Cruz family clan. She married actor and director Cesar Montano in September 2000 but was later annulled. They have three daughters namely: Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Franchesca. Sunshine is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful Pinay actresses in the country even in her 40s. Many people would often notice that she looks like a sister to her children than their mother actually.

According to some reports, she became stronger and healthier after she loses 20 pounds during their Wildflower project in the Kapamilya network back in 2017. The actress revealed that she became more active every day as she exercises regularly, she also eats right and a lot of nutritious foods.

She also has her cheat day every Saturday or Sunday if she really wanted to eat what she craves for. Discipline is the key for them to achieve their body goals. Just like her, her siblings Cel and Tess also give a lot of importance to their health and body. At the age of 50 years old, she can still flaunt her gorgeous body as she wears two-piece swimsuit that many people really admire!

A lot of other netizens especially women get their inspiration for these beautiful and gorgeous siblings. True enough that when you commit yourself to anything, you can definitely be successful with anything you commit yourself to. And of course, even though you are a busy person or a full-time mother, you should always take care of yourself, especially your health for you and your family as well.