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She has low grades in Mathematics before as a student but now she is already an Engineer in NASA!

Many people would definitely agree that Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects a student could ever encounter in his or her studies. But every student should have to overcome this before for them to finish their education. Josephine Santiago-Bond is one of the several students who experienced this scenario in their life. According to her, she just wanted to finish her studies to find a decent job but she was not sure that time what kind of job or in what field she wanted to be into. Josephine was born in Amerika because her parents work there as doctors. Afterward, her two other sisters became doctors as well. But despite the fact that they are a family of doctors, she was not influenced to have the same profession as her parents and sisters prefer. She chose to take up a course in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She studied at the University of the Philippines and she admitted that she has some difficult subjects all throughout her college life. But she is determined to finish the course she took up. Because of this, she finished her degree in the Philippines and she went back to America to take up a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at South Dakota State University.
She also had a chance to experience the John F. Kennedy Space Center as her summer job in 2003. Though she doesn’t have any clues about her summer job it has been a great experience for her and she gained a lot of knowledge. Because of this summer job, she got a regular position in NASA and she now works there as an Engineer!
Until now, she could not believe that she was given a chance to be part of NASA and she actually works there as an engineer though she admits that she really find Mathematics as a difficult subject. She now loves what she is doing and she even helps new employees in her field.