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Sharlene San Pedro shows off their home, the fruit of her hard work and dedication is an actress!

Most of us are probably dreaming to have our own house, not just for our own self but for our family as well. Having a family never ends when you already have children, raising them properly, sending them to school, and supporting them to achieve success in life. But as many of us tend to start a family, one of the things that we should prioritize is building our very own house.

It was really hard to live in a rented house, and a lot harder to live with our parents and even our relatives when in fact we already have our own family and we are already raising our own children. Many people would definitely agree that it was the wisest decision to invest in our own home as early as possible.

That is why many Filipinos admire a number of celebrities who have to build their own houses at a young age. They are working very hard on their craft and saving all their money at a young age for them to be able to have their own house. Just like Sharlene San Pedro who used to be an adorable child star before, and now that she had grown-up to be a lovely and gorgeous lady she never forgets to invest her hard-earned money in a very wise way. She didn’t remember the exact date when they build their house but it was built after she won in the Star Circle Quest Kids where she had been known and rose to prominence.

She recently shared a glimpse of her home to the public. On her vlog, she featured a house tour where she welcomed all her fans and supporters as they showed them her beautiful abode. Their home is very simple but you can really feel that there is love inside. She had shown her pink room before but now it is where her parents stay as she prefers sleeping with her siblings because she doesn’t want to be alone in her room.

She also has her Vans collection there, some of her clothes, caps and other accessories. She even shows to the public their study room where she has her book collection and her very first guitar.

They also have a simple living room where they welcomed their guests. She even shows other areas of their simple but very accommodating and organizes home.

You can really see how simple she lives, how simple she wear clothes at home and it was really admirable of her despite the fact that she is a popular celebrity already.