Several canteens in Quezon, Province uses banana leaves and papers instead of plastic containers

The excessive use of plastics is one of the main reason why we are all experiencing climate change all over the world. Because it cannot be decomposed easily, it is also the reason for our several bodies of water to become polluted and dirty, which resulted to clogged drainage.

Fortunately, a lot of public and private organizations nowadays tend to make a lot of projects with the goal of saving our mother earth in complete destruction that will harm each one of us. This school in Lucena City, Quezon Province implemented their zero-plastic program when it comes to the food containers that their canteen uses.

A certain netizen named Pewee Bacuño shared on social media some photos of Quezon National High School sa Lucena City where instead of using plastivs bags and styrofoam on their products, they use papers and banana leaves instead. Some students who ordered food from them definitely had a surprised reaction at first but they were really impressed with such ideas. Students’ meals are placed in Manila papers togethee with a banana leaf shaped as a cone where the viand was also included inside.

Food establishments and food stalls near the school are approximately 50 stores in total and their everyday participation really have a big effect and a big change when it comes to excessive plastic usage that harms our environment. According to the website of Science Learn, styro containers will really take a lot of time to decompose, about 500 years or more than that until styro cups can no longer be decomposed. Plastic bags on the other hand may take a lifetime.

Aside from styro cups, styro containers, and plastic bags it will also take a lot of time before some of the main materials of food and beverage packaging can be decomposed or eliminated. One tin can will take 100 years while glass bottles can take about 1 million years before its decomposition. Banana leaves are a great substitute for this as our country has a lot of banana trees everywhere and it is also one of the main products of our country.