Senior citizen works as a fast food crew at 75 years old, amazes netizens!

A lot of netizens were touched to see a senior citizen working inside a popular fast-food chain which was actually known nowadays to hire young employees. But it was just recently when the Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno signed a Memorandum of Agreement together with some of the most successful fast-food restaurants in Manila to provide equal job opportunities for the elderly who are still strong enough and capable of being employed.

A certain netizen named Arlene Escalona shared on social media a photo of this 75-year-old fast-food crew who works in the Legarda Bustillos Branch. According to her, she was eating her lunch and saw the old man and was moved because of the chance given to the elderly like him.

She shared on social media that the smiling senior citizen crew was later known as Danny Marcos who works in the said Jollibee branch. The netizen was really happy to see the old man genuinely happy with what he is doing. She even praised Mayor Isko Moreno for he was the one who made it possible for senior citizens to be given fair job opportunities. She even thanked the big companies who let the senior citizens and even PWDs to be one of their employees.

The viral post garnered a lot of comments and reactions from netizens. Before, it has been a standard norm in our society that individuals aged 60 and up would eventually retire and live the way they wanted after they take rest from their jobs. But little did we know that there was actually a lot of elderly who still can and wanted to work and earn money if they will be only given a chance despite their age. May this be a great inspiration to many companies all over the Philippines that senior citizens and PWDs can also be a part of their successful company. It was such a blessing that this was already being implemented in Manila. Good job!