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Ronnie Liang’s dream of becoming a pilot will now come into reality!

Ronnie Liang is a famous Filipino celebrity and he really has a successful career in the entertainment industry. He dreams of becoming a pilot since he was a child, and now he will eventually fulfill his dreams. He revealed in one of his interviews that he is currently studying in flying school to finally achieve his dreams. His dream of becoming a pilot when he was a young kid as he was sweeping the road together with his father and other siblings and they saw a flying airplane above them.

He immediately told his father that it was his dream while his father replied to him that his dream was really high. It may be hard to believe that he can achieve such dream as his father was doubtful about him achieving his dreams. He even revealed that they were not financially stable by that time as the course itself was really expensive.

Because of his plight, he just decided to take other course in college and set his dream aside. He actually had six different jobs to support himself in college. He had shared in one of his interviews with GMA network that he had worked in a fast-food chain and in Video City when he was still a student.

He even worked as a delivery boy of a water-refilling station, seller of herbal products, and a part-time model during weekends.
After all those jobs, he had also been to joining some singing competitions where he was discovered and eventually became the start of his show business career. And now that his family is financially stable already, he decided to study again and this time, he wanted to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pilot.

He will soon be completing his private pilot course. It was also a great blessing for him that when he was studying to become a pilot, he received an offer from an Aviation company who wanted him to be an endorser and they will be supporting his school fees in return. Good thing that his school already had tied-up with the company.