Rich husband left his wife and son after he becomes successful but their only son chose to live with his wealthy father than to be with his mom!

There was this happy family living in a small village, the parents find it very difficult to earn enough money for a living and to support their only son. One day, the father decided to go and work in the big city to earn money and support their family. The wife agreed and trusted her husband with all her heart. The husband was able to send some money to his family at first but eventually, after some time he just stopped supporting his family. The wife and the son lost their connection to the man.

The wife decided to look for her husband in the big city but it was just very hard for her to find him in such a big and crowded place. One day, she just decided to accept the fact that her husband already forget them and it is only her and her son that will help each other to survive.

She tried selling fruits in the market early in the morning until the sun goes down but she still couldn’t earn enough. She worked really hard but it was really not enough and she needed to close her fruit stall. Another day came and her husband went to their house. Many of her neighbors thought that the rich husband will finally help out his poor wife and son but he just came to divorce his wife.
The wife was heartbroken to know that after all the sacrifices she had and all the time she waited for her husband to come back. The wife was very worried because their only son will definitely be in pain to learn about his father’s decision. But she is confident that her son will choose her over her irresponsible father.

When the couple went to the court to settle things out, the mother was surprised to hear that her son choose her husband and decided to leave her behind. The son wanted to live with his rich father instead of his poor mother. The mother cr!ed so much and was in deep pain because she felt betrayed by her one and only son. Little did she know that her son loves her so much and decided to live with his rich father to sent money for his mother every month so that she will not need to work hard so much to earn money.