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Renovation of Manny Pacquiao’s 1 Billion Peso Forbes Park Mansion earned disappointment from a luxury stone supplier!

Many of us Filipinos dreamed of having our own houses not just for our personal achievements but for our family’s welfare. Even our favorite celebrities wanted to invest their hard-earned money in these kind of properties. It was just recently when Jinkee Pacquiao, the wife of the Pinoy boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao shared some photos of their mansion in Forbes Park with its on-going renovation.

The senator’s wife uploaded a photo of their house displaying some changes in their pool area just like the new pillars behind her. It was in January 2018 when Pacquiao’s family was actually featured in YES! Magazine. This 1,526 square meter property was originally filled with natural stones and its worth was said to be P388 million. The couple bought it sometime in 2011 to Lorenzo Tan, the former President of RCBC bank.

The man who was behind its initial design was also the same man who was behind People’s Palace, Two Roxas Triangle- the renowned interior designer Anton R. Mendoza while the interiors was charged to the Budji+Royal Architecture and Design.

As the renovation was on-going, an owner of the top-notch home furnishing supplier and architectural supplier of Kaufman Stone, David Kaufman expressed his dismay over the choice of Manny Pacquiao on the materials for their mansion.

It was posted last July 9 by David Kaufman on his social media account about his opinion on the Pacquiao family’s plan on changing the natural stone to porcelain tiles. The businessman did not want to further dig deeper into the matter as it was the couple’s money and not his. He even added that the price of those porcelain tiles could not even match the level of Jinkee’s 15 million luxurious bag.

Manny Pacquiao is a 40-year-old is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a senator of the Philippines. He married Jinkee Jamora on May 10, 2000. They have five children, Emmanuel Jr. , Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth and Israel.