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Remember the young child actress who played the role of Maria Flordeluna? She is now a lovely lady!

Many of us would have been asking what really happened to those famous young celebrities before who just left their career in the show business industry for their own personal reasons despite their huge potential in their craft. Some of them continued their studies and excel in their chosen crafts even their field of study is pretty much not related to show business.

But there are still some of them who wished to go back in the industry after they finished the things that they should have done but now that they have grown into young adults they prefer other roles than those roles that they were used to do before.

Just like Maria Eliza Pineda Bautista who is popularly known as Eliza Pineda. She is the child actress who was known for portraying the character of Maria Flordeluna. At a very tender age, she was given a great opportunity because of her amazing talent in acting. She has also been part of different television programs like “Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit”, “Kung Fu Kids” among others.

But after several years away from the limelight, this cute and adorable child actress turned into a beautiful and lovely young lady. At 24 years old, Eliza still has that innocent and angelic-looking face. She revealed that she really wanted to pose in a men’s magazine. She has what it takes to be one of the most lovely and most gorgeous models in a men’s magazine as she has her admirable looks and gorgeous physique.

She loves to share her beautiful photos on her social media account which garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the public. Her mother has been her number one supporter and number one fan all throughout her journey. A lot of her fans and supporters were very excited to once again see her in front of the camera.