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Pinay maid received expensive items and 500,000 from her employers in Saudi!

There are countless of OFW stories that are maltreated by their foreign employers. But there are still some who were blessed with a good, generous, and kind-hearted employers. Just like this Filipina maid who has a generous and helpful employer.

The lucky Pinay Overseas Filipina Worker is the 31-year-old Mhai San Pedro who works as a maid in the Middle East to help and support her family here in the Philippines. They were living in a makeshift dwelling place before eating eggs every single day. Mhai and her husband works in a factory before and even how hard they tried to combine their salary it was never enough for all of their household expenses. What’s worst is that their third child was born with a pulmonary condition. They were in great debt due to medication expenses.

That is why she decided to work abroad and be a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. She was very hardworking, committed and dedicated on her work. She was very blessed to have a good employer. She even received a lot of luxurious bags, shoes, and accessories from her generous employers. When they knew about their “barong-barong” house in the Philippines, her employers even have her 35,000 riyals or worth 500,000 to build their home together with her 8 months salary. They even helped her with the hospital bills of her child.

True enough that life is like a wheel, you are at the bottom for now but you will never know when you will be on top. As long as you worked hard for your dreams and you are committed to what you are doing, you will always be one step closer to your success. You will never know when the blessings will keep pouring on you and your family. God will always bless those people who worked hard and who truly love their family. You will just to have the faith, do your part and lift up to Him the rest of it.