P15 milyong piso na halaga ng iskolarsyip sa USA napanalunan ng isang anak ng magsasaka sa Capiz!

Many Filipino people strive hard just to finish their studies. It has been one of our greatest dreams to graduate in college, have our college diplomas and used it to find decent and good-paying job for us to be successful, earn money and uplift our family’s life. No wonder that Aldrean Paul Elvira Alogon was very happy to be one of the beneficiaries of a $300,000 or 15 million worth of scholarship in the USA. He is a farmer’s son and he was very lucky to be one of the 11 students to be granted a $300,000 or P15 million worth of scholarship in Wesleyan University in Amerika.

According to Rama Co of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Aldrean was riding a bus when he received the good news. It was such a great inspirational story as he never forgets where he came from and he still hold unto his dream of finishing his studies. He graduated Valedictorian at Sigma Elementary School where at a very young age he had already excelled in Science. He was supported by his mother who was a school principal before and his father who is working as a farmer. Unfortunately, his mother passed away in 2015.

But despite what happened, he study very hard and he couldn’t believe all the blessings that he was receiving from then on. He studied high school in Philippine Science high school Western Visayas Campus in Iloilo City. There, he was able to have a lot of opportunities in enriching and nurturing his knowledge in Science and even in Agriculture as it has been the bread and butter of his family. He had also been part of the team that represents our country in the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics twice. Though they were not able to win, he had learned that our country really lacks a lot when it comes to the facilities we have especially when competing in other countries. He was really a great inspiration to other young Filipino people in achieving their dreams in life despite p0verty and many hindrances.