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Old photos and IDs of Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao serves as an inspiration to many people!

Many people knew about the hardships and life challenges that Manny Pacquiao and his family had overcome before they actually succeeded in life. In every success that he achieved, he had already encountered different struggles in life that made him stronger than before. One of the proofs about the difficulties Senator Manny Pacquiao had encountered in his life was his identification card while he was still working as a laborer or construction worker way back in 1994. The picture of Senator Pacquiao’s ID was shared by a certain Sarah Joy Gabriel Rivera on social media and together with a caption that says:
“ID ni Sen. Pacquiao noong nagtatrabaho pa siya sa construction. From rags to riches talaga.”

You can still see on the photo some important details of the famous world boxing champion. It has Sen. Pacquiao’s address, job description, and the date when the ID was used. Aside from it, there were also people who testified that Sen. Pacquiao also became a “Padyak driver” and a “baker” in Malabon. There was also an old picture of him when he was still young.

He is really one of the most successful men in our country today. Aside from being a renowned world boxing champion, he is also a businessman, a bible ambassador, politician, and philanthropist. But most of all he is also a great and loving man, father, husband, and son to his family.

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao is a 40-year-old professional boxer and politician. He is also known as the only eight-division world champion in the history of boxing, he had already won twelve major world titles. He was also the first boxer to win the lineal championship in five different weight classes and the first boxer in history to win major world titles in four of the eight “glamour divisions” of boxing: flyweight, featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight.