Netizens were touched with these two street kids as they enjoy their food together!

Many of us have known about the viral photos of a father and son who stays in the streets even though they are not asking for alms. According to the netizen named Vanch Delos Santos who shared it online, a father and a son who have disabilities are situated along the street but despite the fact that they are not asking for alms, people are still giving them help which the parent and the child are very grateful for. The public was touched and they become viral on different social media platforms.

It was just recently when another similar story went viral online, it was about the photos of two siblings in the street happily enjoying their food together. Keizl Necosia was the one who shared their photos online as the children enjoy their food in front of a popular fast-food chain. The children were also seen with their modified “drums” as they sing to the people at the park. As they take a break, they eat together with their simple merienda which is consists of a styro of food while the younger sibling was holding a chocolate drink.

A lot of people were amazed to see the children enjoyed their food together despite their difficult situation in life. Many people are moved with such a scenario as there were a lot of people who didn’t really know how to be grateful for what they have in life. Because of the viral photo, there are a number of people who wanted to help them even some Overseas Filipino Workers promised that when she gets back to the Philippines she will be helping children in the streets as well. While some other netizens asked for help by simply sharing the viral photo of the children.

According to them, people in authority and the local government unit will be doing something when it will be shared by the public on different social media platforms. As of this writing, the post already earned 29,000 reactions and 70,000 shares online.