Netizens were in awe as this woman left her transaction receipt with a balance of more than P1 million pesos!

It was really hard to earn money nowadays, especially here in the Philippines. It is not an easy life to be an employee earning an average payment monthly or maybe twice a month. Every single peso you earn with your hard work for the past few weeks can easily be gone because of all your household expenses, the children’s school fee, medical or emergency needs, personal needs and a lot more things to be taken care of.

We usually follow financial tips from our elders, from our friends and even the tips we read online just to remind ourselves to save money and not just to spend it all in just a blink of an eye. It was really a sad reality but even if you tried so hard to save money for your own financial security for the past few years, or you wanted to put your hard-earned money into an income or a good investment, it was just really hard! Especially when you are the breadwinner of the family, and you are just the only one who has a decent and good-paying job!

Maybe these were also the sentiments of this netizen whose post went viral online because many people can easily relate into it. Sad but true. However, Charles Robert Gomez Coloma turned it the other way around and make fun out of it. It’s true that we often times feel so broke and we call ourselves “hampaslupa” but if you were in his shoes, you would probably feel the same way too.

As he was heading to an ATM machine last August 23, the woman who used the machine before him left her transaction receipt and hurriedly left the place. As he peeked into the receipt he was very surprised that the available balance is P1,876,420.46! It was indeed a large amount of money isn’t? He posted it on his social media account and immediately went viral online as he felt that he was really so poor having seen the transaction receipt of the woman!