Mom’s weight loss transformation amazes a lot of netizens after she loses 125 lbs in just a year!

People nowadays tend to be judgmental when it comes to the physical appearance of others. We tend to judge immediately based on the things that we first saw and first heard without observing things properly. And because of this many people hÜrt others without even knowing that they hÜrt them or the other way around.

Just like what happened to this Australian mother named Keely Dellit. She is a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer. But after giving birth to her three children, her body becomes huge and awkward that is why she feared to get out and going to the gym as she feared that everyone would laugh at her.

When she finished high school, Kelly got married and had three pregnancies in succession which caused her body to gain so much weight. She admitted that she decided not to check her weight anymore after her third pregnancy because she didn’t want to know anymore how much weight she gained every single day.

After some time she finally had the courage to check her weight. She was surprised to discover that she gained 126 kilograms already. It made her depre$$ed for quite some time and wallowed herself in self-pity. But then she realized that she doesn’t want to be heavy for a long time because she still wanted to take care of her children.

And for her to be able to do that, she needs to lose some weight and become healthier. She first cut out her fast-food intakes as well as some treats and tried to eat in smaller portions than before.

She also indulges in healthier substitutes like grilled chicken instead of crispy and a lot more healthy options. Instead of soda, she drinks a lot of juice and then sparkling water. She also cooks brown rice instead of white rice and chose plant-based kinds of milk than dairy. She usually eats at home than ordering foods outside. In just more than a year, or in 14 months, she was able to lose 57 kilograms!