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Melai Cantiveros, shares some tips on how she disciplines her children

elai Cantiveros is one of the most popular comedians in the show business industry nowadays because of her approachable image and jolly personality whenever she is in front of the camera. Through her social media account, a lot of her fans and supporters were very delighted of her funny captions as she uploads photos online.

But would you believe that when it comes to disciplining her children, she is quite a strict person? She is really strict when it comes to her two children, Mela and Stella. She wanted her children to learn how to respect other people and to follow what their parents and elders are telling them.

Recently, she shared how she manages to discipline her children when they did something to each other that was no good to them. She also revealed that her parents would have let her and her other siblings kneel on salt whenever they fight each other. And now, with her children, she also has her own way of how to discipline them.

She would always instruct them to kneel in one corner and face the wall whenever they fight each other for them to have a realization that what they did was wrong but this time her children did not experience kneeling on salt.

According to the “Magandang Buhay” host, this is her way of telling them that what they did was wrong and that they should not do that again for there will be a sanction on their wrongdoings. She would also make sure to talk to them and explain the things they should know and the things they did before that resulted in disciplining them.

Learning how to say sorry to each other after having a fight and realizing things is also very important to her. There were a lot of netizens who praised her for what she did but there were also some people who didn’t like her posting those things online. But one thing is for sure, parents need to discipline their children because they love them and care for them with all their heart.