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Meet the “World’s Youngest Professor”, Yasha Ashley!

If we would asked a number of Filipino students what is the hardest and most difficult subject for them in class, maybe the majority of them would probably say Mathematics. And it was also such a part of our standard norms to be afraid of the subject as it deals with numbers, and a lot of equations, problem-solving and the like.As a young kid genius in Mathematics, the 14-year-old Yasha Ashley currently works in the University of Leicester as a Math professor. It is such a work that is very difficult to have and requires you a lot of knowledge. The university chose him to be a professor in their school as he is really a Math genius and dubbed as a “Human Calculator”. He had already some experience as he was the one in charge of the Math Tutorial Class when he was only 13 years old.

According to to him, he was very glad and very much happy on his work being a professor at the university because he was able to help those students in need of his teachings and knowledge where he is at his best. He also juggles work and school as he currently studying at the same university for his degree. He was also known as the “Youngest Student Ever”.

He was born in 2002 and he hails from Iran. When he was 8 years old, he was the very first kid to get a Grade A in Mathematics after he gets a 100 percent score on the subject. When he was 9-10 years old he even passed on studying a much higher level of Mathematics and Statistics. He once studies in a state primary school before he was given an opportunity to study a much higher level of M