Meet the student who had made it to the top 1 of the Licensure Examination for Architecture!

Many Filipinos dreamed of finishing their studies and getting their respective diplomas despite poverty, family problems, and many other hindrances. We have so much importance and value in education as it can be our stepping stone to achieve our dreams in life and for our families as well. As much as we wanted to finish our college degrees as soon as possible, there are courses that require “licensure exams” for them to be called a professional like lawyers, teachers, accountants, engineers, and architects.

As an individual passes the board exam, he or she is now deserving to have a license and be called a professional. Recently, it has surfaced in different social media platforms about the top notcher on the recently held Licensure Examination for Architecture. From 1,120 examinees, there was this girl who has been the number 1. She was from the Cebu Institute of Technology, a university in Cebu, City.


Sean Ramos, the brother of Justine Lei Ramos, Top 1 in the Architecture Licensure Exam had shared the story behind his sister’s success. He shared photos of his elder sister’s room that is full of notes, reviewers, and books. But would you believe that Architecture was not her first choice in choosing her course? She actually took up Medical Technology but it seems that she was not happy with it that is why she decided to shift into Architecture instead and the. she finally fell in love with the course.

Achieving one’s dream will never be easy without the help and the support of your families, friends and loved ones. It was such a blessing that after your hard work, commitment and dedication, you had been recognized and your recognition will always be your family’s achievement and your parent’s dream come true. A very proud parent to be exact!