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Meet the only daughter of Edu Manzano that captured the hearts of the public!

Because of social media, we have known a lot about our favorite celebrities nowadays. From their interests, hobbies, accessories, clothes, their home and even with their personal lives. Many showbiz personalities choose to be private when it comes to their personal life but there were also some who makes it open for the public to see and to be inspired.

Some of the famous celebrity children we know are KC Concepcion, the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and matinee idol Gabby Concepcion, Luis Manzano, the son of Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano.

However, Dabarkads and comedian Jose Manalo choose not to allow his children to enter show business but they are now very successful on their chosen careers.

But little did we know that host and actor Edu Manzano has two other children aside from his son Lucky. And one of them is his unica hija. Edu has two children from the former model Rina Samson named Enzo and Addie. Addie is his unica hija and she is now based in New York City. Though, she is already living there, she grew up and studied in the Philippines.

After she graduated in Ateneo de Manila University, she had already migrated in New York. Before she settled abroad she had also appeared in television as a host in the Univesity Athletic Association of the Philippines in 2014 and she has also been an endorser of it.

Aside from it, Addie has also been noticed by the public because of her beauty and charisma that she definitely got from her parents. Addie has a non-showbiz boyfriend named John Miclat. If she would have been entering show business anytime soon, she might really have a chance to be famous despite the fact that she is the only daughter of Edu Manzano.