Meet the most beautiful driver in Japan, Ikuta Kana!

Many Filipino people often perceived men as better drivers than women. But would you believe that in Japan, there was this lady driver who is considered as the most beautiful driver in Japan? Being stuck in traffic may be a difficult and stressful situation but having a beautiful driver in front of you can really make a huge difference.

The beautiful Ikuta Kana is a 24-year old gorgeous driver from Nagano Prefecture who is currently taking the internet by storm. Her stunningly beautiful and angelic face really amazes a lot of people. She became popular after joining the weekly television program, Nino San.

Aside from the fact that she was really an amazing beauty, she was also very hardworking because she is not just your typical driver as she also works as a model. Driving taxi is just her second job because she is actually a gravure model or a model who primarily models in magazines and she instantly became popular and had a local fan base because of her first job. She has been a member of the model unit “Mina Mates” from the fashion magazine “Mina” for 2 years already. She also does salon modeling for “Voce” and “ELO”.

Because she knew that modeling doesn’t really have a stable income, she decided to do the driving to maximize her time and to earn more money. She really did a lot of modeling stints but her biggest break came when she signed a contract to join the weekly TV program, Nino San.

True enough that our hard work really pays off. She may have the most beautiful face in Japan working as a lady driver but aside from her amazing physical features, it was also very admirable of her that she really works hard and doesn’t even mind doing some works that men actually do.