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Meet the gorgeous daughter of Raffy Tulfo! Let’s find out what kind of father he is to his children!

It was never easy being a father to your children especially to a daughter. Your greatest challenge will be your own way of nurturing and developing your child grow. As a father, you should also be someone that your family can depend on and a great provider for them as well.

This is actually what it feels like a father to your children and to your family. Same goes to the famous broadcaster Raffy Tulfo. Though he was known to be straight to the point and a brave man, not many people knew about how loving a father he was to his children especially to his daughter Maricel. The famous program of Raffy Tulfo is always trending because of his brave words and actions towards the wrongdoings and beliefs of some people on his popular show. He was also very straight forward to those people who are still undeniable of their mistakes and fault to other people.

But who would have thought that this brave and fearless man is a very kind and loving father to his children? Her daughter, Maricel had revealed that her dad was a very loving and compassionate father. Ever since she was young, she was already a daddy’s girl. She grew up very beautiful and gorgeous, no wonder that she had an amazing father just like she said.

She also shared that she was never afraid of telling her father about everything, even about her own personal love life. She also said that his father was very different in front of the camera and when they are together with family or friends. She treats her father as a very good friend of her. Though, there are rough and hard times for both of them they tried really hard to resolve those problems as soon as possible.