Meet the first ever surviving septuplets in the world history, they are now teenagers!

The gift of a family is one of the most amazing blessings you could ever have in this lifetime. Being a parent to your children can really be difficult and hard most of the time but you will forever cherish that moment forever. Women are more than blessed to be able to conceive and carry their children inside their body, to take care of them, to nurture them, and love them even if they are still inside their body and growing to be ready for the real world outside.

Have you ever heard about saying about mothers who are giving birth to their child has their other foot on the underground? It was never easy to give birth to a child, especially to a twin, or triplets, but what if they are actually seven or septuplets?

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey from the United States of America made history in 1997 after Bobbi gave birth to 7 babies! After 22 years, their septuplets are now all grown-up. It was in 1996 when Bobbi gave birth to their eldest daughter named Mikayla.

She consulted a doctor after that when she felt something on her body after delivering her first child, her doctor gave her a medicine named Pergonal. It was effective on her until in 1997 when they discovered that Bobbi is expecting 7 babies.

Despite the danger it can do to Bobbi, she still continued carrying 7 babies inside her body. When she was about to gave birth with her septuplets, more than 40 doctors were there to help out in the Caesarian section. It was a successful operation as she had given birth to four baby boys and three baby girls.
This coming November 19, 2019, their septuplets will be celebrating their 22nd birthday. They are Nathan, Alexis, Kelsey, Natalie, Joel, Brandon, and Kenny. The seven of them grew up well, some of them already have their own family, and their parents were really proud of them.