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Meet the biggest baby in the world that weighs 50 kilos and 150 centimeters in length!

Babies are indeed one of the greatest blessings from the Lord. They are the family’s bundle of joy and brightens up every home. Your tiredness can instantly be gone with just a hug or a kiss from them, isn’t?There was this one-year-old baby that went viral on social media as his mother still assists him while he eats despite the fact that he weighs 50 kilos and 150 centimeters in length! A lot of netizens doubted the viral video, some people commented that it can be an edited video or photo wherein an adult disguised as a baby and the said scenario was just scripted. But there are also people who believe that it was real and could be a hormonal disorder.

The family of the baby on the photo should immediately seek help from experts as soon as possible if it was a real photo of a baby experiencing hormonal disorder.Source: Famousetrends