Mayor Isko Moreno granted a P100,000 reward for the honest driver who returned the P1.2M he found to its rightful owner!

It is really hard to trust anyone nowadays. It is such a great risk to many people to trust others as most of the time they will be betrayed afterward. Many people would definitely agree that it is much better to trust yourself and a very limited number of people for your own sake as well as your family’s.

As the number of people that we cannot trust nowadays increases, it was really great news that there were still people who are honest enough and trust-worthy just like this honest driver who was recognized and given reward by Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno.

This honest pedicab driver returned a bag containing P1,200,000 that he found. Mayor Isko Moreno together with Manila Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna met the honest driver who returned the lost bag of a Chinese national. The driver was later identified as Benjie Ordanza, the 42-year-old resident of Baseco Compound. He was the one who found a bag full of a huge amount of money, luxury watch, and passport. He sought help from a councilor to return the things to its rightful owner.

Mayor Isko was very impressed with the honest driver that is why he introduced him to the public during his weekly live capital report. He said that it was very hard to witness such an act of honesty in our society as he could have own the things for his benefit as there was no one looking at him at that time but he still did the right thing. Because of his admirable deed, Mayor Isko and Vice Mayor Honey contributed to come up with a P100,000 reward and Mayor Isko even offered him a permanent job in the local government.

Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso is a 45-year-old Filipino former actor and a current politician. He is the 27th mayor and a former Vice Mayor of the City of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines; and a former three-term councilor of the city’s first congressional district.