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Mariel Padilla shares her amazing vacation in Amerika as she waits to give birth to her second child, Gabriella

Even though, Mariel Padilla is pregnant with their second child of husband Robin Padilla, she was still enjoying her vacation in Amerika together with their eldest daughter Maria Isabella. She also has with her, her father Daddy Jojo. The It’s Showtime host visited some of the famous tourist spots in the place just like Hershey Park and Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. On her Instagram post, Mariel shared how happy they are to visit the park. She even revealed that it takes them up to the park’s closing time before they realized that they need to go home already.

Mariel is also very grateful to her father that he accompany her and he even pushed her on her wheelchair when she gets tired of walking in the park. Even her daughter, Isabella shared on her own social media account the happiness and the gratefulness she had in their park visit.

Mariel flew to the United States together with her daughter Isabella for the preparation of giving birth to their second child. It was in September 2012 when Robin accompanied them to the airport. Robin has some difficulties in getting his American travel visa that is why he couldn’t accompany his wife there.

Maria Erlinda Lucille Sazon Termulo-Padilla, or simply Mariel Padilla is a 35-year-old commercial model, endorser, television host, VJ and actress. She tied the knot with the veteran action star Robin Padilla in 2010 and they are blessed to have Maria Isabella Padilla on November 14, 2016 and they are now expecting for their second daughter Maria Gabriela Padilla.

Their love story was indeed an amazing one, and it moved a lot of Fiipino people even until today. No wonder that they are blessed of so many things in life, and their growing family continue to share inspiration to a lot of people and to every family.