Mariano Que, the founder of “Mercury DrÜg” had started with a 100 peso capital only!

It is very challenging to be an employee especially when you have your own family and children. Despite the difficulties and struggle many of us experienced, we do not have other options but to work hard as an employee to support our own family. But there were also some people who took risks and started their own business with the small money they have in their pockets. Just like the founder of the very popular drugstore in the Philippines, the mercury drÜg.

Mariano Que worked as a drugstore employee in the country just before World WÃr II. He actually saw an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship at the same time serving a lot of Filipino people.

He invested P100 in a bottle of Sulfathiazole, it was an in-demand drÜg which cannot be bought by some people because it was very expensive at that time. What he did was, he offers the medicine for P1.00 per piece. Each bottle consists of 1,000 tablets earning him a lot that time. He was selling those medicine on the sidewalk of Bambang Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

After some time, he was able to save enough money to buy a wooden pushcart and to sell more pharmaceutical products. Though, some tried to copy his business, nothing and no one can beÃt his good reputation and good quality products.

It was in 1945 when he used his savings to establish his very first Mercury DrÜg store. Mercury is the god of merchandise who carries the winged-staff caduceus, a symbol often associated with medicine in Roman mythology.

He has saved enough money to purchase vehicles for him to be able to provide delivery services for his clients. He also decided to expand his store hours to 17 hours a day and 7 days a week for the public to have a longer access to good quality medicines.

After some time he also implemented 24/7 operations for his stores by 1952.

Source: Business News Philippines