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Many people were surprised with Pokwang’s comment on Chokoleit’s video days after he passed away!

We can always see the worth of the people around us when they were already gone. And it was never a dose of happiness to know about someone who passed away even if we are not that close to the person. Recently, many Filipinos all over the world were shocked to know about the life departure of the comedian Chokoleit.

Many netizens had also been saddened by the sad news. There were also some speculations about the comment of one of the closest friends of Chokoleit as a premonition. Pokwang commented on Chokoleit’s video where he was seen dancing with the “Laffline Waiters” that he might have passed away after that dance, the comedienne also added that he had been already difficulty in breathing by just greeting the “madlang pipol” but there he is dancing with so much energy.

Though many netizens had commented a lot on the said video and mentioning Pokwang as well. The comedienne still has no words to say. Maybe it was just a joke for her and would never intend it to happen to her very best friend who was also a Godfather of her daughter Malia.