Man pretending to be blind accidentally drop $1 million dollar cash for a prank!

There had been a lot of pranks nowadays not just to have fun on other people but to test their reactions and their attitude about something particularly their temper, honesty, and loyalty among others. Many people did this kind of thing to see if, until today, there are still good people who would not hesitate to help you out rather than taking advantage of you.

It was just recently when this video went viral on different social media platforms. “BigDawsTV” started this prank featuring a blind man who was carrying a luggage full of cash. It is done to somehow test the honesty of people around the place and for those individuals who pass by the place randomly. Will there be anyone who is willing to help a blind man who unconsciously dropped his money because of his situation or they will just get the cash, runaway, and leave the poor blind man all by himself.

The scenario happened on a very busy street where a lot of people passes by going to their respective workplaces or some students making their way to school. The man acted to be a blind man who was carrying his suitcase but he did not even realize that he was dropping all his money along the road. When someone passed him by, the pretending blind man would intentionally open his suitcase which makes a lot of cash drop on the street.

Apparently, most of the passersby had been very honest and helped the poor blind man to return all his money inside his luggage. But there was this homeless man who seems to be the star of the experiment. After seeing an enormous amount of money, the homeless man asked if he can have a hundred bucks from all the money he has on his suitcase because he wanted to buy some food for himself. Because he was very honest and he even asked permission from the pretending blind man who was actually a YouTuber and he gets it for free.

The social experiment proved everyone that despite the desire and the greed we sometimes have in our hearts, being good to other people especially when the situation calls for it will definitely be the best thing we can do at that moment.