Luxurious international school tuition fee of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao’s children

One of the most inspirational and heartfelt stories we admire is the story of our very own Manny Pacquiao. Our fighting senator together with his families had been experiencing the fruit of his hard work ever since he entered the boxing industry at a young age.

The popular celebrity couple, Manny and Jinkee professionally handled their fortunes and was able to help a lot of unfortunate people here in the Philippines. And because they already experienced a lot of hardships in life, they never wanted their children to live the same way as they were living before. That is why, just like any other parents, the couple wanted nothing but the best for their children.

Education is their top priority that is why Manny and Jinkee send their children to one of the best schools here in the country. Their children’s tuition fee is indeed very expensive! Just like their son Jimuel, who is already 18-years-old, had recently finished his Senior High School on Brent International School Manila. According to some reports, Jimuel has a tuition fee of roughly around $9,120 or 418,900 if converted to Philippine peso yearly. For some additional fees, it will be worth $8,085 or P396,165, on the said amount it is not yet included in the basic tuition fee.

Their second child, Michael Stephen, 16-years-old, is also studying Senior High School in Brent International School in Laguna. He has the same amount of tuition fees and other miscellaneous fees as his brother Jimuel. Mary Divine is 13-years-old already and she is currently studying middle school at Brent. She has a tuition fee of $8,784 or P403,512. The additional school fees for the whole year are not yet included. Queenie is their 11-year-old daughter who was born in Los Angeles, California.

Just like her older sister Mary, she is also in her middle school and was also the same amount of school fees.