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Look at the gorgeous Mediterranean style home of Julia Montes in Antipolo!

We admire a lot of people in our surroundings especially celebrities not just because of their beauty, talent, and personality but because of the things that they had successfully achieved. They have been one of our motivations and inspirations in life that we really admire and hope that someday, we can also achieve those things they had for themselves and for their families as well.

Mara Hautea Schnittka, professionally known as Julia Montes is a 24-year-old actress with German descent. She was best known for being part of the “Goin’ Bulilit” kid’s show in ABS-CBN. Who would have thought that an angelic and innocent child before will be a successful actress today having her own dream house because of her hard work and perseverance?

At a very tender age, she was already seen on different television programs, no wonder that she had saved enough money for her to purchase a very beautiful home in Antipolo Rizal.

It was in 2012 when she bought the house with a modern theme and a touch of her favorite color, red. According to her, they had searched a lot of houses for quite some time but this house was really different as she had already seen something about this house that she really wanted for her family to have.

Before you entered her house, an elegant black gate with a touch of gold will welcome you. Julia’s room was also elegantly designed with a touch of her favorite color red that symbolizes courage.

However, her favorite place in their house is their veranda which she really finds comfortable and very relaxing. Her gorgeous home really amazed a lot of her fans and supporters. Many people were also inspired that she was able to fulfill one of her dreams for her family with her hard work and perseverance.