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Look At The Amazing “walk-in closet” of Jinkee Pacquiao!

Women tend to have a lot of rituals in their face, hair, and skin that they usually do to maintain their young and youthful glow. They also invest in some clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. No wonder that this popular personality is admired by a lot of Filipina because of her amazing taste in fashion and how she carry herself infront of everyone.

Jinkee Pacquiao is the 40-year-old wife of “Pambansang Kamao” Manny Pacquiao. She was also the former Vice Governor of Sarangani. Recently, she shared her luxurious and expensive “walk-in closet”. Her “walk-in closet” is much more huge than a normal room where you can have a coffee or even fall asleep

Inside her luxurious walk-in closet are a lot of expensive and branded bags, a number of expensive shoes, and branded clothes, as well as her luxurious jewelry collection, collectibles and other materials things that a women dreamed of. For sure you are one of those people who are very curious how much her walk-in closet really costs!

According to Real Living her closet alone is worth P338 million peso just for its construction. It also has built-in cabinets where she stores her expensive collections. At the middle of her closet is her collection of her expensive jewelry and accessories for easy access. She have her vanity corner in the walk-in closet. There is also a sitting area inside her walk-in closet with a chair and an “Hermes” pillow. She also had a bar where her guests can enjoy drinks while having a conversation. She also have a big television where she often watch her favorite movies and television series. Many people are aware about their humble beginnings. They actually came from a poor family, who would have thought that their lives will be changed because of the hardwork and dedication they practiced in their lives.