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LJ Reyes is beyond grateful to Paolo Contis because of his admirable support in raising their child!

Believe it or not, motherhood is one of the greatest and the most amazing blessing that you can ever experience as a woman. It may really be hard, and full of sacrifices from the very start and it seems to be a never-ending journey until our very last breath but all of those worries and fears will just disappear in an instant when you get to see your children and your family is well, comfortable and happy in life.

Maybe almost all the mothers out there will definitely agree that they can sacrifice everything and anything for the sake of their children and their family. There was this special part inside our hearts being a mother which always reminds us to be strong all the time and to withstand every struggle in life we may encounter.

But it was not all about mothers, because mothers also get their strength from their partner, their husband, their spouse. Fathers also have a great role especially in helping their wife with almost everything in life, even if it was about their personal issues, their never-ending everyday household chores and taking care of the family, the career of their wife, her dreams, and a lot more things under the sun.

It was just an amazing blessing from above to have someone by your side to support, love, and care for you as well.
Just like the celebrity couple LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis, one of the most admired celebrity power couple in the show business industry. LJ shared an appreciation post for the father of her child Paolo Contis for being so loving and very supportive of everything she does especially in taking good care of their child Summer and for taking care of herself too.

The celebrity mother shared her experience when Summer was not feeling well and she vomited all over her clothes, she used to be doing every single thing by herself, she forgot that Paolo is there for her and for their child. She was very touched and grateful for all the simple things Paolo has done to her and her eldest son Aki, together with their youngest bundle of joy, Baby Summer.