Little kid took a photo with a flight attendant 15 years ago and now they reunited as colleagues!

A lot of children nowadays dream of becoming professionals someday. Some children wanted to be doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, architects, engineers, businessmen, pilots, and stewardess among others. One great story of this is the story of Xu Yang Feng who first boarded a plane at five years old and took a photo together with a beautiful stewardess. After 15 long years, who would have thought that he will be working with her as her junior?

Xu is now 20-years-old and he just recently started his internship with China Eastern Airlines last October. According to some reports, he still remembers the very first time he boarded a plane and he was not actually afraid of the idea of flying. He loved every second of it, and he even had a photo with the flight attendant back then whose name is “Fang”. His first-ever flight had been a wonderful experience for him. No wonder that it becomes one of his motivations to be a flight attendant someday.

After 15 years, he was able to join China Eastern Airlines for his internship as he is already a third-year aviation crew student. He even shared the photo he has 15 years ago together with the stewardess on his first-ever flight. His supervisor saw him and asked him if he wanted to meet Fang and he agreed. He was very glad to finally meet the first flight attendant who served him as a little boy! They even recreate the photo he has 15 years ago.
Fang remembers Xu as a cute, adorable, and chubby little boy whom she served in one of her flights almost two decades ago.

“The plane model is different, and there are some differences in the position of the seat, but the feeling I had back then and now is still the same,” she said.