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Let us take a look at the ”Underwater Restaurant” of Norway that will definitely blow your mind!

This unique underwater restaurant in Norway does not offer just an extraordinary dining experience but it is also a marine life research center. It is situated on a remote village in Baly, Norway. It was designed by a Norwegian firm Snohetta. It is a 34-meter rectangular prism that was slightly submerged five meters underwater. It has a total sitting capacity of 100 guests, it is now added on the must-see destinations in Norway. It was finally opened last March 20, it is the very first underwater restaurant in Europe. It was indeed an amazing and incredible dining experience that you will definitely cherish for a lifetime. Snohetta is not just an ordinary company when it comes to building such architectures because it was just last year when they announced about the world’s most environmentally friendly hotel that will be built in the Arctic circle. It is indeed a wonderful and one of a kind getaway not just for couples but for the entire family.