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King Cobras situated in different provinces in the country due to severe El Ñino!

Many Filipinos were shocked and scared with all the news about king cobras that are often situated in some community areas in the Philippines. According to some news, this kind of reptiles tends to go out of their natural habitats because of the severe change of temperature due to El Ñino.

There was a king cobra situated in Quezon, Province, particularly in Brgy. Bukal, Tagkawayan that brought fear and worries to many residents. The king cobra was estimated to be 9 foot in length.

One of the residents named Mang Joel revealed that two other residents passed away because of snake bites. There was also news about the same incident in Lucban and Perez, Quezon same as in Camarines Sur in Bicol Region, Laguna Bay and Sarangani in Mindanao. However some experts were worried about the residents who kill this animal as they are very important for the balance in the ecosystem.


Source: Virtualpinoy