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If you try this 6 exercises you will definitely have a beautiful body shape!

People nowadays tend to eat so much of different kinds of foods and they actually care less with their health and body. Many people also have a very poor lifestyle that leads to obesity and many other health problems. But there are still some people who treasure their health more than anything else. They value their health for their family’s sake as well.
Here are 6 easy exercises that can help you achieve a slimmer and beautiful body shape.

0. EXTENDED LEG V-LIFTS – This kind of exercise starts on your knees. After that, you

should place your forearms on the floor making sure that your elbows make a line on the floor. As your body is on the floor, gently and slowly raise your legs with pointed toes, lifting your legs backward and forward. You should do 15 repetitions on both of your legs.

0. STANDING DONKEY KICK – You should start this exercise by bringing your feet together.


Lower yourself and make sure that your other leg is in a squat position. Make sure that your weight is on your planted foot and then slowly lift your other leg at your back and pull your leg to the back and to the front. Repeat this step at least 20 times on both legs.

0. BOOTY CROSSOVER – This routine will start on your shoulders as you aim to line your

wrist on the floor. After that, extend your right leg towards your back and kick it straight and cross down to your left. After you finish the step return on your first position and repeat it at least 10 times before going into your other leg.

0. LEG EXTENSION WITH HIP THRUST Gently and carefully lie down on the floor, bend your

knees and position your body in a 90-degree position as shown on the picture. After that, you can now extend your right leg in a straight position as you lift your hips and bend it to your chest as your aim to make a 45-degree angle. Do it again at least 10 times to your both legs.

0. DEEP SQUATS – To start on this step, make sure that your feet and your shoulder are

widths apart. Your chest must also be high and your knees are above your ankle’s line. Lower on your butt until your thighs make a 90-degree position. And then, push with your heels as you return to your standing position. Repeat the routine 15 times.

0. ROUNDHOUSE – Your knees and your hands should be on the floor. Hands should be

placed under your shoulders and your knees make a line to your hips. Plus your muscles in the abdomen should be squeeze tightly for a more beneficial workout. Then, kick your leg outward and sideward. Do this step for 15 times on both legs.
This kind of exercises can definitely help you to develop your butt muscles as well as the muscles in your hips and the shape of your legs. It also develops the strength of your knees.