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Ian Veneracion’s son amazes the public with his astonishing good looks!

Ian Veneracion or Stephen Ian López Veneración in real life is a 44-year-old painter, sportsperson, actor, pilot, and singer. He never disappoints his fans and supporters with his ageless and outstanding acting performances. Even at his 40s, he is still one of the most admired and followed male celebrity in the country today

Ian Veneracion has three kids with his wife Pam Gallardo. And recently one of them made rounds in different social media platforms because of his undeniably good looks. Tristan Draco is the eldest son of the Kapamilya actor Ian Veneracion. After him is the only daughter in the family, 15-year-old Deidre and Buccio the youngest who is 9-year-old. He was actually taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Management at De La Salle University. Draco’s name actually came from a polar constellation and a movie character. His father revealed that he got an idea of Draco’s name after he watched the fantasy movie “Dragonheart” in 1996. Draco was actually the name of a dragon in the movie which was named after a constellation that means dragon. While Tristan is the name of the Hollywood actor Bradd Pitt in the movie Legends of the Fall.

Ian’s son also has an interest in motorbiking just like his dad. They had actually taken on a road trip to Sagada in the Mountain Province on their motorbikes.

This handsome young man also had picked up the interest of his father in other outdoor sports like hiking, sailing, and snowboarding. Even his other siblings enjoy the same. What a beautiful and lovely family they are! Their good looks really run in their blood isn’t?