How can you start a piggery business here in the Philippines?

Filipinos are known to be very hard-working and dedicated individuals, especially for their family. No wonder that they actually have a lot of their ways to make ends meet but more than that they also know how to invest their hard-earned money.

Just like many Filipinos who tried investing in piggery business. Though it has a lot of its pros and cons, there are still a lot of people who succeed in this kind of business. Here are some tips on how to start your piggery business:

Budget is one of the most important thing to consider when you wanted to put up any kind of business. With a piggery enterprise, you should know the cost for housing, materials, feeds, cage maintenance, and the number of piglets that you want to make up for the cost. You should not also forget about the medication expenses when a sudden d!sease struck your hogs.

When it comes to location, it should be situated outside the urban areas and is away from surface drinking water with a distance of 25-meter radius. There are a lot of issues that can arise from piggery operations that is why you should have an adequate distance from your neighborhood or another commercial establishment.


You should also determine what kind of business you prefer. If it is growing hogs and selling them as soon as they reach the market size or the pig breeding? Piggery owners should get their starter piglets from reputable suppliers, for them to be assured on getting nothing but the best.


As a piggery owner you should not forget about cleanliness as dirty piggery can brought a lot of infections and bad reputation. It can delay the growth of your stock and they can also be s!ck and passed away. Cleaning it on a timely manner can be the best option.