Here is the peaceful and happy life of James Yap away from the limelight

James Carlos Agravante Yap Sr., professionally known as James Yap is a 37-year-old Filipino professional basketball player for the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Known by his nickname Big Game James, he had played for the Star Hotshots for twelve seasons winning seven PBA championships before being traded on 2016. He is also a 16-time PBA All-Star through 2004 to 2019, all as Starter.

It was just recently when he shared his simple and peaceful life away from the limelight together with his beautiful family. The “Rain or Shine” player keeps himself busy with basketball and some of his businesses but he also enjoys bonding time with his family. He described his life now as happy and quiet. When he is not playing basketball, he would spend his whole day with his partner Michela Cazzola along with their two children. He also manages his bar “District 8 Manila”. He finds inspiration with all the things he do now for his family.

According to him, we wanted to allot time for his family and to make them as his priority always. He also added that his business is for his family and when he was busy some times he knew that they would really understand. He finds it helpful to have enough time with all the things he love, he manages his time wisely with his family, business, and even in basketball.

He was also asked if his two children asked about their elder brother Bimby if ever they can meet him or visit him but he only replied, “No Comment!”. Michela and James first child is MJ and James would often call him Bugoy, while their youngest Franchesca was named Bugay by her father. They really are a picture of a beautiful family!

Happy and contented with their life away from the chaotic world of show business industry.