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Heaven Peralejo and Jimuel Pacquiao unfollowed each other on their respective social media accounts, the public was asking if they already broke up!

There was indeed a big difference between the couples during the 90s and the millennial couples nowadays. Serenading, letters and visiting the lady’s home to ask permission from the parents was very prominent before. Couples who have some petty fights before just ignore each other at school or at work for a couple of days and then eventually forgive each other and comes back to their normal selves.

And now, maybe because of modern technology, men nowadays can court women even through their mobile phones or gadgets. Social media has also been a great influence on many young couples nowadays with how they perceived about love, relationship, parenting, and even marriage.

Because of modern technology and social media we can easily learn about the relationships of our favorite celebrities with their family, friends and special someone. Just like the eldest son of the fighting senator Manny Pacquiao, Jimuel Pacquiao. He made rounds in different social media platforms a few weeks before his father’s victorious fight over Keith Thurman. It was March this year when he admitted that he is in a relationship with actress Heaven Peralejo. Many were surprised and delighted with the good news as they were both popular in the online community.

A lot of their fans and supporters followed their love story on their respective social media accounts as the couple would often post pictures of them online. It was also a big question why they already unfollowed each other on their respective social media accounts, there were rumors that the two already broke up but there were still no confirmations from the both of them.

Emmanuel Pacquiao, Jr. or simply Jimuel Pacquiao
was born on February 6, 2001. He is popularly known as Jimuel, he’s the eldest son of world-famous boxer and now Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao.