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Gretchen Barretto amazes netizens with the very beautiful garden she has in their mansion!

Gretchen Barretto is a 49-year-old Filipina actress, social media influencer, and a socialite. She was launched in Regal Films’ 14 Going on Steady as a singer-actress, with the release of her debut single “Going Steady”, which served as the soundtrack single to her debut film. In the late eighties, she rose to prominence after gaining success in skin flicks produced by Seiko Films like “Tukso, Layuan Mo Ako!”, “Ang Bukas Ay Akin”, “Ama, Bakit Mo Ako Pinabayaan?”, “Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin” and “Bakit Ako Mahihiya?”.

She has released two studio albums under Star Records. Her debut album, “Unexpected”, was released in 2008, and her second album “Complicated” was released a year after. Her two younger sisters, Marjorie and Claudine, and niece Julia are also part of the entertainment industry. Since 2010, she is already a contract star of ABS-CBN.

It was just recently when she shared on her social media account about her very beautiful and relaxing garden which she named “secret garden”. It was her favorite place in their mansion. This place is her comfort and the place where she wants to be as she starts her day before a work-out or even before she goes to bed. It was her “happy place.”

In one of the videos she shared online she said that whenever she goes around her house, she have a different world all the time. Her business tycoon partner Tonyboy Cojuangco had helped cultivate her love for plants and trees. She first thought before that plants are for older people only but later she just felt that it was really relaxing and it brings her happiness to have a lot of plants and trees around her.

“Many years ago , i could not understand why my Tony would stop & marvel at the trees & plants & would say how beautiful they are are (I thought plants are for older people) and here i am , so in love with [trees] , plants etc…I am getting older. My garden is a never ending story. Its my new play ground…” Gretchen shared.

Source: Pep