Funny memes of a ‘Bumbay’ who went to a barangay brought laughters to people

Beacause of the high cost of living nowadays, some Filipinos borrowing money to other people. But we all know that lending money to other people has a high risk of loosing it. Sometimes it causes fights and breaking of friendships.

In the Philippines, there is a saying “Ang taong gipit, sa bumbay kumakapit”. It means when in need, you can borrow money to a “Bumbay”. Bumbay lends money to a borrower in a term of “5-6”. Base on the terms and conditions of the Bumbay, they collected the money which will have a higher interest.

But in times of money shortages, some people are hiding from these bumbay. That is why some people make fun of these incidents like the famous ‘Bumbay Memes’.

Bumbay Memes can be seen in various kinds of social media and it brought smile to their faces. However, this show how the borrowers escape from paying their debts.

A video went viral when a Bumbay went to a certain barangay. Instead of being angry, He was humorous with his punchlines.

According to the Bumbay:
“Pag lindol hindi ramdam, pag ako dating, layo pa lang ramdam na agad!”

While the person in the barangay was talking to the Bumbay, the bumbay was explaining that he was amazed by the trending bumbay memes spreading out in the social media. The person also said that the bumbay is “Relate na relate” on the Bumbay Memes. He also added that the bumbay now is famous because he have a page.

The Bumbay added again:
“Ako Bigay Tali Aso, Ako Singil Di Na Tali!”

This video went viral and it causes laughter to many people. While this seems so funny, it also taught us a moral lesson. If you can not pay your debt, do not hide, and learn to face your problem.