Filipino engineer found out that his family and house were already gone as he comes home from Riyadh!

Many of us wanted nothing but the best for our families. We work hard and save money for them. They are one that serves as our inspiration and strength in every single journey we have in life. But this Pinoy engineer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was very much shocked to find that his family and his house were nowhere to be found when he came back to the Philippines.

Engineer Romeo Ondaz doesn’t have any idea of what happened to his family and their home as they were all gone in the place where it used to stand before he left to work abroad. He wanted to surprise his family as he came home but he was the one who was surprised to find that they were all gone! Even the money that he was saving since he worked abroad was lost already to someone that he didn’t mention the name. His story was shared online by a concerned netizen named Mae Regala whom he met at SM Southmall.

“My mother and I ran into kuya today at SM Southmall, his name is ROMEO ORDAZ. He was an Engineer in Riyadh a few years ago. Pag uwi niya ng Manila nung 2011, wala na yung family niya, wala na rin yung bahay nila. He is looking for his parents,” she shared on her Twitter account.

“He’s been homeless since 2011. He has no idea where his relatives are. He mentioned something about someone taking all his money, all his ipon from working abroad. He knows his parents may be gone, but he still has some relatives in the province.” She added.

The post went viral immediately and many people hoped for him to finally find his parents or other relatives as soon as possible. The engineer looks unwell, maybe because he has been living in the streets since 2011. He doesn’t have any children or wife but he remembers his parents as Arturo and Conchita Ordaz.