Expensive “Chanel Pearl Necklace” of Jinkee Pacquiao caught the attention of many netizens, elicited a lot of comments and reactions!

Jinkee Jamora Pacquiao is a 40-year-old Filipino politician, socialite, media personality and occasional film producer who served as a vice governor of Sarangani, Mindanao, the Philippines from 2013 to 2016.

She is well-known as the wife of professional Filipino boxer and incumbent Senator Manny Pacquiao. She also had a brief career in the film industry as a producer for her husband’s documentaries and for several box-office titles. She was born at St.

Elizabeth Hospital in General Santos City on January 12, 1979, into the conservative family of Nestor Jamora and Rosalina Capeña. Her older twin sister is named Janet. She was working as a beauty consultant when she met Manny Pacquiao, whom she married in 2000. They have five children. Their fifth child, a boy, was born on April 27, 2014, whose name is Israel.

Aside from the overflowing success of their family when it comes to business, Jinkee is also admired by the public because of her fabulous taste in fashion. She also has expensive collections of designer bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. On her recent Instagram post, netizens were surprised by her expensive necklace.

According to her avid followers, they would often see her in her designer clothes with expensive shoes, bags, complete with fabulous pieces of expensive earrings, designer watches, and diamond rings but she rarely wears necklace. But with her recent photo, she shows off her “Chanel Pearl Necklace” made of metal and glass pearl. The necklace was said to be worth 123,733 pesos!

It garnered an enormous number of comments and reactions from people. Most of the netizens were stunned and amazed by Jinkee’s new designer collection but some people question her because of the photos she shared online especially her expensive and extravagant possessions. Some people get the wrong idea that she is just wanting to show off and boasting everything on social media.