Disabled father sends his son to school using his wheelchair every morning!

It was an amazing blessing and a great experience to have parents by your side to guide you and support your journey. Just like the story of Tatay Alejandro who would always send his son to school every day despite the fact that he is a person with disability or PWD and he needed to ride his wheelchair to move around. He was also hailed as the “Father of the Year” as his photo on a wheelchair sending his son to school went viral on different social media platforms.

Even though he is in that kind of situation, Tatay Alejandro has his reasons in doing such an admirable thing to his son. Aside from saving expenses from bus fares, he also wants to make sure to send his son to school safe and sound. According to some reports, he was suffered Polio when he was only five years old which was the reason why he was not able to walk anymore. But he is still very grateful as he was blessed with a gif of family despite his situation.

He wanted to be a responsible and loving father and husband to his family that is why he wants to do everything he could for his family. A lot of people are moved as this dedicated father would always pull his wheelchair manually for him to be able to send his son to school even if it means that his kid has to sit on his lap while he manoeuvres his wheelchair by his hands. His child, Junior is already a 7-year-old Grade 2 student in Pasig Elementary School.
People could not help but admire this father and son tandem who shared as a great inspiration to many Filipino families. There were also some people who worries about their safety as they had to cross busy roads every single day but hopefully they will be safe always and would continue to inspire other people with their wonderful story.