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Dimples Romana shared to the public her investment property in Alfonso, Cavite!

Every one of us has our own dream, many of us dream of having our own expensive things, luxury cars, and our very own house and lot isn’t it? It was such an amazing feeling to achieve our goals in life. Whether it is just a small or big goal for some of us, it is really something very precious for all of us especially when it happened because of our perseverance.

With this kind of goals in life, we tend to be better individuals when it comes to the things we usually do. Many of us are dreaming to buy our own house and a lot not just for ourselves but for our family as well.

But nowadays, lots become so much expensive and a regular employee supporting his or her own family financially will find it so difficult to spare some money to save for their dream house and lot.

It was just recently when Dimples Romana portraying the role of Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome in the Kapamilya show “Kadenang Ginto” shared on her social media account about her investment property in Alfonso, Cavite from her hard-earned money. She once dreamed of having her own house and lot, her own business, and her own success in her chosen career a few years back, and look where she is now.

She now has her dream paradise in Alfonso, Cavite. She bought her property last year. Some of her good friends Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo also congratulated her. Even the award-winning veteran actor Tirso Cruz III advised her that when she works hard and she has to pay for something God will always provide for her and her family.

Dimples Romana is one of the most popular Kapamilya actresses nowadays and she really deserves all the blessings she and her family have now. True enough that hard work really pays off.