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Clothing stores cut ties with this mom after she was caught kicking her 3-year-old model daughter!

3-year-old Niu Niu is a popular model in China but recently the public was shocked to know how her mother treats the poor kid behind the camera. There was a viral video that was caught in Hangzhou, China last April 6, 2019, after the girl was allegedly been working the whole day the mother kicked the girl because she didn’t follow her instructions.

After the video went viral, online stores that was associated with the child pulled out all their photos and vides online and they even had a petition to advocate for child model welfare signed by 110 online stores.

The mother of the child responded that she didn’t want to hurt her child because she only kicked her as she was very close to the road.

But it was an outdoor studio that is why it had no road. There are also other videos about the mother forcing the child to work and even scolding her with a hanger.

Source: 9gag