Chin-Chin Gutierrez is now ‘Sister Lourdes’ a Carmelite Nun

Maria Carminia Lourdes Cynthia Arnaldo Gutierrez also known as Chin-chin Gutierrez was a famous 90’s actress. She was born in Manila on August 22, 1969. She was an environmentalist and a big shock to people when she became a Carmelite Sister.

Chin-chin Gutierrez is the daughter of a botanist named Dr. Hermes Gutierrez and an ex-nun named Cecilia Arnaldo. After her limelight in showbiz, she experienced many hardships in life. Her house in Quezon City was burned 2 times. The first happened in 2006 and occured again in the year 2010. Her mother passed away because of kidney problems.

Due to struggles in her life, many people were shocked when they heard the news about Chin-chin Gutierrez became a Nun. What do you think about the reason behind of this? Maybe her mother’s will or her own resolve to herself? Lets find out.

Chin-Chin Gutierrez is now called “Sister Lourdes”. She is now a sister of a Carmelite Convent. On an interview, she shared how she decided to be a Carmelite Nun. According to Chin-chin Gutierrez, it was a class in Philosophy when she asked about the existence of God. This is a famous question for all of those persons who encounter extreme hardships in life. Later on, she realized God’s existence and the idea of faith. This is the main reason why she accepted God and became a Carmelite Nun. Maybe she let go of her past and made it as a sign for her ‘Calling’ as a servant of the Lord.

This kind of Vocation requires a strong stand for yourself. Being a Nun is promising that your heart only belongs to the Lord. By serving the Lord whole heartedly and without any hesitation. For whatever reasons why Chin-Chin Gutierrez chose to be a Nun, We should be happy for her. This maybe her chosen happiness in life.