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Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer granted the wish of their house helpers, earned positive reactions from the netizens!

Our house helpers are already members of our own family, isn’t it? They are the people we can depend on especially when it comes to helping us out in maintaining our household. When it comes to cooking, cleaning of the house, ironing clothes, washing clothes, and taking good care of the kids our house helpers really lighten the situation. They are also the people we could entrust with taking over our household chores.

Househelpers are indeed very dedicated to their work and to the family that they are working for. They also sacrifice a lot to work away from their family just to support them with all the things and the money they earn. Even though, they would often give all of their times to the family they are working to, they tend to be full of energy and full of care to help.

No wonder that Team Kramer gives huge importance to their household helpers and they really treat them as part of their family.


On their recent post, they bought an upgraded washer for their helpers. It will be a great help for their Yaya Josie especially when she do the laundry, it will be easier and convenient for her.

Cheska Kramer posted on her social media account on how they granted the request of their long time house helper Yaya Josie. They really wanted to make a durable and spacious laundry area to make her job a lot more easier.

They also give her a fully automatic topload washing machine! Not everybody are blessed to have such amazing employers. Yaya Josie is very blessed to have Chesca and Doug Kramer as their employers, but aside from that, the couple is also very vocal in saying how blessed their family is to have them as the angels of their home.