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Celebrity couple Chesca and Doug Kramer shared how they managed to build their dream mansion that has been a great inspiration to many people who also dreams of having their own dream home someday!

Many of us dream of having our own house and lot someday. It was a very rewarding experience to finally saw your dream house that came from your hard work, commitment, dedication, and effort.

After a long wait and a lot of sacrifices, it was really satisfying to know that your hard work really pays off. Just like the popular celebrity family Team Kramer. They recently shared the construction of their dream home.

They always keep us updated all the time, every single step of the way. An amazing and inspiring story that inspires a lot of people not just here in the Philippines but all over the world.

Chesca and Doug Kramer shared the things they learned and the process they have been through just to have their dream home. They shared some of their life lessons that may inspire a lot of people. In this video, they also featured a house tour and a glimpse of their very beautiful home.

But despite their extravagant home, the story behind their success was indeed a very inspiring story to their million followers and supporters.

According to them, they started to live and be contented in a 60 square-meter condo when they started their family. They were still renting that time and they were helping each other to make ends meet. The good thing about their family is that they did not compare their life on other people because they believed and they knew that if God would allow it, they will definitely receive what they deserve.

Doug also shared that they rather want to live in a small and content house with a loving and complete family rather than living in a big house but broken and full of complaining. After two years of renting a condo, they transferred into a townhouse. They were living in their old house before they decided to build another house.